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Price Family
Hope Family
Price Family
Atwater Family
Blakeslee Family

Sergeant Family


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The history buffs in our society are collecting and filing items of interest concerning Oshtemo. Personal stories and photographs along with corporate and organizational papers are among the articles we desire. We copy and record these papers enabling the owners to keep originals. Some members have special training in oral history enabling us to preserve your memories accurately. Professional photographers help us with the photos. Some of the information we are in the process of collecting is listed on this page. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in collecting, adding to, preserving and sharing data for future researchers. It is an honor and privilege to work with the community in the study and preservation of the township. We need your help with this project.

Will you share your stories, photos and information about Oshtemo Township with us? Can we help you with some township information? E mail and let us know your thoughts and ideas


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“There is no inevitability in history except as men make it”
– Felix Frankfurter, U S Supreme Court Justice 1882-1065

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